Are you a Process Nerd or a Results Replicator?

I admit it, I find it relaxing to study. You however might be questioning my sanity already, after all how can cramming for a test be a leisure activity? The nature of deadlines is a stressful one!

The difference is the purpose. I love to learn, the thrill of discovery and and the ability to gain an understanding of creative new techniques and artistic processes is a siren call for me! Anything that can be understood and added to my knowledge bank is as enjoyable as a great sushi roll savored slowly alongside a warm bottle of saki.

Having an inquisitive nature leaves me with a lot of head knowledge and understanding which makes for increasingly interesting conversations and improves my ability to relate to others. What it doesn’t produce is visible results, there is no growing body of work and very little tangible evidence to show for the hours upon hours I spend reading, researching and visualizing how concepts actually work in the physical world.

What about you? Are you all about the process like me? Does the thrill of discovery guide you from one medium to the next like the U.S.S. Enterprise exploring unending star systems, or are you more interested in tangible results you can use or generate an income with?